eCommerce Website Development in 10 easy steps

How To Build An Ecommerce Site In 10 Steps, Even If You’re Not A Coder


Are you interested in starting your own eCommerce website but don’t know where to start? Are you worried that building a website requires coding skills? Don’t worry – this article will explain how even with no coding experience, you can still create an amazing eCommerce site in 12 simple steps!

Steps to Follow

Step One: A Website, Where To Get Hosting
Step Two: Registering Domain Name
Step Three: Designing The Site With Theme
Step Four: Customizing The Site
Step Five: Setting Up Your CMS
Step Six: Creating Content For Your Site
Step Seven: Applying Social Media Icons And Settings
Step Eight: Adding Mobile Responsiveness To Site
Step Nine: Ecommerce Software Setup
Step Ten: Add products and their description


These tasks can be very messy and may require further customizations by experts to suit your brand. Symbels Consultancy can help you with eCommerce Website Development with ease.

Symbels Consultancy
Symbels Consultancy
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